July 2, 2020
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July 17, 2020
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The easiest way to explain Mediumship; is that we all still exist in other realms of consciousness, however because of this 3rd dimensional and physical realty is a huge distraction from this. There are those of us who have maintained a great deal of their natural connection with the other realms, and there are those of us who literally live simultaneously in the different Spiritual Realms, thus giving access to see and know things not otherwise deemed tangible or explainable yet by science.

One of the things that you will notice with Debs is that there really isn't any big pauses to tune in, because she is a highly tuned person and especially gifted empath she just flows along, like its a normal conversation. She encourages her clients to ask the person in Spirt questions so that you can get healing and better insight as well as validation that the person is safe and fine. Debs won't give generalized things such as "she loves you very much", she will give honest, direct messages, descriptions and even the emotional and physical aspects of the person on question.

"With regards to Mediumship, I see Spirt as if they are a holograph, therefore I see the person either as a whole, or somethings they will only show certain things about themselves, but I will feel their energy". For example, I had one man in Spirit who gave me the secret joke only he and his niece knew, yet he would not show his face to me. My client told me he was a bot of a recluse in life, so that explained that. I can also smell perfume if someone used to wear perfume, I am shown visions of special places, meaningful objects, even people who have caused trouble on this side.

The readings are relaxed, fun, can be very emotional, but Debs won't be airy fairy, however she has a wonderful ability to provide insight and perspective in a way that allows the client to look at things differently and from a life lesson perspective, which helps the client greatly.

So if you would like a mediumship reading, please send a message, The Mediumship is included in the Phone Psychic Readings.

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