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March 14, 2021
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April 12, 2021
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According to Albert Einstein “The dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion”. Then these 3 states, past, present, and future are “NOW”. Then how do we access these as they are NOW? The human consciousness could just be the catalyst of moving between this illusion. As space gives the perception of time, the going inward, is condensing the space/time. Do we in our brain, carry the history of man, how do we access this ancient history, that is still the NOW, being that reality is timeless?

From my experience as an aura reader, an empath, and a healer, I have found that our emotional layer is the aspect that connects past, present, and future realities into the NOW.

This is because our experiences, through our human personality, form our emotional reactions as a major influence in creating our interpretations along our life path, and these interpretations then create and form our world view and our reality as we perceive it.  It literally shapes who we are, how we feel, our reactions, and who and what we attract into that reality, and it influences the vibration that we emit out into the universe.

A good example of this is an unhealed inner child, when a situation occurring in the NOW, as an adult, can trigger the strong emotional response of the inner child.  Therefore, proving to us that this inner child is still existing in the NOW, as part of our consciousness, even as an adult. Thus, bringing the inner child across time and space, as we perceive it here, into our NOW.

When we explore the subconscious, emotional layer of the aura, and we identify an energetic lineal connection in relation to the triggered response NOW, this takes us “back” to a “time” in our life path of which we were, for example, traumatised. We can find a hidden part of ourselves as a child, that we unconsciously abandoned, to protect ourselves from the pain. And it is this very unconscious act of self-protection, that makes us all “unconscious”, and creates a Spiritual amnesia, as we unwittingly move away from our soul self or our authentic self.

It is not a deliberate act, but one that is the only known way, as a child, when we are forced to be living an illusion. And until such time that actual soul level consciousness and healing has reached a critical mass on this planet, this will continue to happen.

It is important to remember that the unconscious self, is often insecure, and can be easily influenced by yet another “unconscious” and insecure self, and if you put millions of unconscious souls together, they take the power off one another to try to get back the feeling of personal soul power, and true connection.  This is how we as humans attempt to mimic what we have lost, (but we cannot remember what we have lost). So, while this happens, we only continue to create a mass reality which is in fact a mass illusion.

It is this illusion that we are currently living in, that drives people to look outwards for the very thing that is missing, and which is the underlying factor that creates the need for competition, drives the ego, and can even create wars.

The good news is that we can heal that part of us, and bring that part through to the NOW, into conscious awareness, to heal and find inner peace, and the true connection to our authentic self, our soul self, and the Divine.

It is through the good work of strong authentic souls who are reawakening and “remembering,” that this healing is happening.  As the people break free of illusion, the opportunity to heal is abundant, however the challenge is to be prepared to go within, to heal, rather than to go outwards, and continue the path of revenge or seeking power by hurting another person, or people.

We need to learn that anyone in pain or causing pain is caught in an illusion born from the unconsciousness of those past, present, and future. We need to learn to look at this from this viewpoint and with compassion.

And when we realize that by going within, and healing ourselves, we relinquish the illusion and can carry higher and true soul consciousness through to the next generations.  So, as they are born and incarnate here, they will remain open and conscious and will not end up with Spiritual amnesia.  They will know who they truly are, they will know their purpose, they will utilize their amazing talents and the amazing power of their connection to the divine and their connection to all of us.  And we who welcome them here, can connect with them to continue our healing on the path back to full consciousness so then we can ascend into the New Earth (of which we are here to create).

Author: ©Debra Sinclair Psychic Medium Empath Healer 2021

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