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Ethics are a very important part of setting a high standard for quality readings, and for me to personally stay in alignment with the Higher Spiritual Realms. My personal ethics have been given to me from Higher Consciousness and Source. and I follow these ethics in order to maintain my gifts to bring you the best service that I can offer you

When booking a reading please keep these ethics in mind as I will not preform a reading that contradicts these ethics.

1. All readings are strictly confidential.

You are assured of complete confidentiality at all times, no details pertaining to the client is shared any where. I may from time to time do free reading sessions on Facebook where everyone can see this (these sessions are the only exception to this rule). I do not record your reading. If you choose to record this at your end this is purely up to you.

2. I will not tell you another reader is wrong, nor will I criticize another reader.

All readers bring through messages in their own unique way and style. If for some reason you are not comfortable with your reading from anyone, then it is wise to approach that reader with respect, as you may gain the clarity that you seek. Sometimes interpretation of what is said may bean issue. I fully support my fellow readers and their gifts.

3. I will not predict lottery numbers or other gaming wins

. I am happy to say if I feel there will be a windfall, however this comes under the threshold of if you are meant to pick the winning numbers yourself, then you will.

4. I will not and cannot harm anyone with my readings.

​I work in the highest and purest of light connected directly to the Higher Realms and Source. I do not work with spells, black magic. voo-do etc. However I do work with Souls who are stuck and I will do clearings and blessings to bring healing where needed.

5. You are not forced or pushed into spending your money with me.

​I am more than happy to recommend a service, however the final decision is yours. Please also see my terms and conditions prior to purchasing.

6. I will only perform honest and truthful readings

​ I will not lie, deceive or give you incorrect information in a reading. The only time this rule becomes invalid is if it infringes on the other ethics. In this case, the situation is simply not mentioned. One thing that is important to me is that my readings are full of evidential validation, so that you can relate these to what is truly happening in your life.

7. I will not predict death, accidents etc.

This is a delicate and highly emotional subject. I will however do my best to connect you with loved ones who have passed over into Spirit to help your grieving and healing process. I have had messages from the Soul of those living who are unwell requesting clients to visit them (the Soul knows the higher plan),these messages I will pass onto the client, and it is their discretion on whether to follow through with this or not.

8. I do not diagnose illness, or prescribe medicines.

I am a medical intuitive which means that I can detect inflammation or illness within the body, link this back to an emotional aspect f your path through reading your aura and the energies that present as relevant at that time. However I do not diagnose, and will recommend that you see a trained medical professional if I see something. You can learn more about this on this website, please also refer to my medical disclaimer which clarifies this.

​If you have any questions regarding the ethics that I must follow then please let me know via the contact form