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October 11, 2022
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October 11, 2022
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Beyond the Human Ego

Beyond the Human Ego

When we are asleep, our consciousness literally leaves our body and navigates to the beyond, a plane of higher consciousness and greater awareness. Here, we can look at the bigger picture and become one with all that is. It is like looking at a screen full of psychic and energetic information, moving, changing, and connecting to create different potential realities.

We all do this, connecting with events here and in the afterlife. We connect to the past, the present, and probable future realities.

Beyond the human ego is where your psychic ability exists. To become more fully aware of this, we need to appreciate that ego is an illusion, precognition is linked to the greater truth, and we have the psychic ability to explore many realms and realities. It is the psychic dreams that are the reoccurring ones.


Unlocking Precognitive Dreams to Manifest Your Reality (

Deb is a professional psychic clairvoyant medium and medical intuitive who is internationally recognized for her proven accuracy in evidential readings with clients spanning three continents.

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