What is an Empath
June 30, 2020
July 3, 2020
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I have had a near death experience, and therefore have experienced the transition to the other side, and back again. I am very knowledgeable on this topic and that of the ethric bodies of Souls. I have also had the souls of those still living come through to warn me of their impending passing so that I can warn others. This is very powerful, and is proof that our Soul is real and continues on through time and space. I have experienced and know the intensity, and density of the purest white light, this light leaves no room for anything other than pureness of the heart, soul and mind, and truth, love, courage, and wisdom. When I say dense, I don't mean heavy, for the white light is very fluid and freeing, it just transcends everything. After an NDE (Near death experience), it can be very difficult to accept life in the physical realm. Ask me about Spiritual Counselling and your unique techniques on how to ground back to earth, and discern your new life path in conjunction with your newly enriched Spiritual Connection.

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