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November 8, 2011
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November 15, 2011
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The Energy of Anxiety and what is inside of it.


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Firstly let me be clear that I am NOT a medical professional, and this article is based purely on true experiences I have had as an intuitive reader and what I learnt as did my colleagues and clients from these….

This is an opinion only, and it is entirely up to you whether or not you agree with this or not.

Everything, EVERYTHING is energy….

“The energy that is anxiety is the holding onto and burying of beliefs within oneself that have originated from some form of abuse when we were younger”. 


Here are some stories in support of this.


When I met Suzy, her self esteem was shattered.  She was an attractive, tall and very slim blonde who concentrated  hugely on her looks to gain approval.  She was a lovely person, but all it took to shatter her would be a comment that put her looks down.  It never had to be much of a putdown either, any little comment would send her into a panic. She never walked with her head held high, and always stumbled.  She had a habit of quite often tripping on her high heels when out in bars and clubs, much to her embarrassment.

She did well at school and went onto have a good career but could never seem to feel good about herself.

When I read for her ,she opened her energy up and we together  looked within her behavioral patterns, we discovered that behind or inside of this anxiety was the fact that  her father had always told her she was clumsy and ugly.  All of her relationships with men were never for filling.  She had a long relationship with a man that put her down all of the time, he controlled how she looked and dressed.

Suzy has since had counseling, has put on around 3 stone, but is content for the first time in her life, free of the prison of living that existence. She has found someone who loves her for her.



It was not until Michelle suffered a nervous breakdown that she came face to face with the truth behind her behavior leading up until that point.  She now calls her “break- down” a “break – through”.

“It was one of the most terrible experiences of my life, I literally did not know who I was any more.  Someone once told me it was like having a fractured personality, and it was, my personality was in pieces lying all over the place.  I was no longer sure of anything, let alone how to feel”


“What I realized”, she told me was “that during the recovery process of my ‘break – through’ I started to piece together words within my anxiety levels that someone as saying to me.  It was a male voice and it was my father.  The voice was calling me “a useless piece of shit”, a dreamer, dumb”. It was a voice from my childhood.

The amazement of that actual discovery over took the hurt I felt because in that moment I knew that I was on the road to recovery, I had discovered the core of the issue. The issue that had subconsciously controlled my whole life, my  self  esteem or rather lack thereof.

The road to recovery has literally taken years. But I was determined.  Yes sometimes I took medication to alleviate the anxiety, as I still had to function and go to work, and I had a lot of counseling.  I can honestly say I am now free. And that is the best feeling in the world.


What I also realized from both of these people was that through their anxiety they would act without confidence or in a way that portrayed them as dumb.  Unbeknown to them, they could not see that they were behaving like this, as they always had.  This led to people just criticizing and reinforcing this belief.

In support of Louise Hay’s theory; Love Yourself.  Both of these women now do, and these criticisms do not happen anymore. For these women both are confident, easy going, assertive and free.

However in adding to this, I feel I should point out that yes heal yourself, but for those who so easily judge and put down those who are struggling or lack confidence just  take a moment, think about it.  Would it not be nicer to compliment that person “you are a good person” or “you are a nice person” .  You always have the choice to do so.  And if you want to put someone down, perhaps you need to ask yourself why you are so quick to do so? What is it  in you that needs healing?

When we are all completely free of our “baggage” we will not only have peace, and love, but we will have Spirit right here with us, in a way that we can all see, feel, hear and know them.


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