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November 14, 2011
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November 19, 2011
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“As explained by Spirit via Debra”

©Higher Realms Ltd 2011

“Within the  unique  blue print of your soul there is a multitude of possible and probable realities that will either  manifest as true and in the  now or dissolve  away into the ethers.

The birth or manifestation of such realities is determined by many factors, such as where you are on your journey. For instance where you are at on a personal growth level, the lessons you are to learn and the choices you make.

All possibilities are stored in your subconscious, which is why when one manifests as real, you experience the uncanny feeling that you “have already been here”. You may have had  already a glimpse of this in your dream or alpha state (the place between awake and sleep) where there is no time.

The energy of other people that you may interact with in your lifetimes and the way in which you subconsciously interpret the energy sets up possible futures as well. This also explains why some times you meet some one and feel like you “have met them before”, as it is not only those from our Soul Groups and families that can seem familiar, it is those whom you have met while travelling throughout Spirit world in your sleep time, or in the alpha mediative state.

Remember we are all one, all connected and all eternal energy”.


Footnote: (remark from Debra).

Look at it as links in a chain, or just like the World Wide Web, or even Face book, the possibilities of  you  interacting with certain people are there, but many factors determine whether or not this happens.



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