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November 15, 2011
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January 7, 2012
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Feeling STUCK?? – Welcome to the “Void”

 “A message from Spirit”

©Higher Realms Ltd 2011

Many of you are experiencing low energy levels, feelings of being drained and stagnant, what ever you put a lot of energy into brings little results, and you may feel as though your “connection” has diminished.


Fear not your connection is still there, you have however entered “the void” .


That is correct many of you are in a “void”.


The “void is where you go whilst in transition mode.  When you are breaking free of old patterns and ways, and are ready for the next stage on your journey.  While in the void you may feel as though life is closing in around you, as if there is no room to move.  Do not worry, as this feeling is the precursor for your own personal realizations and “break through” to occur.


The past few years have been very challenging and difficult for many.  This has led to an awakening of another level of consciousness, a higher one. The constant changes, the uncertain challenges are pushing you to limits that you never thought of.


Desires to clear debt, move out of restricting and controlling relationships,  un-nurturing friendships and associations,  the need for a simpler life with deeper meaning and connection with the Spiritual Realms and with Mother Nature are but just a few of the experiences happening.


You are seeing through those who have fooled you, you are seeing how you have lived your life thus far in patterns stemming from your conditioning, what you have “put up with” and the changes you now want to make.  You have little patience for those who thrive on drama; you want a peaceful life with purpose. Your health may be testing you, old addictions and habits that you would “pick yourself up and dust yourself from”, only to repeat, are now becoming more challenging…. you are wanting to honor yourself more…


There is a new wave of energy coming that will reignite you and energise you, once you have remove that from which no longer serves you on your higher path.


Groups of people will be coming together on a more co-operative level; minds that have been closed will become more open and more receptive to “the possibility of”, instead of dismissing things.


Rest now; take life quietly and go gently through the void, tend to those matters at hand that need attention and putting in order, look at things in a reflective manner, assess what you have learnt  for you will come out of this again…..




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