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November 6, 2011
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November 14, 2011
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Be Yourself – A message from Spirit


“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.”


“In order to strengthen your connection to Spirit and to God the Creator you simply need to be “YOU”.

To imitate somebody else or to take credit for their good doing only serves to put a shield that distorts this connection up around you, and  that  in turn blocks the truth of who you are, and in doing so blocks your pathway through to Spirit.

One of the most difficult things to get people to do is appreciate themselves. 

It does not matter where you are on your journey, if your intent is to change, grow and move closer to the light then that is good enough for us.

We do not request perfection;  for we acknowledge how difficult the journey you are on our only desire is your fulfillment and happiness, and to bring your forth into the Pure light of HOME.”

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