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October 30, 2011
November 2, 2011
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Spirit is very clever as they can see the bigger picture, know what our lessons are, and set situations up for us to learn from.


We have fallen into a bit of a Spiritual teaching  trap of “All is so Beautiful”, which in some cases is true, but in many cases the reality is simply not so.


We are on a Journey towards a massive shift in enlightenment, but each and every one of us must for fill our personal tests and learn in order to reach the Higher Consciousness that we all yearn for.


People ask me, “How do you know what the lesson is”?


The best way I have found to do this is to take it back to the very basics and pay attention to what is going on around you.  This means to pay attention to ALL things. Not just the positive things, we must be honest and brave enough to address the negative or uncomfortable as well.

Take a look at your role in your given situation, and look at the other people’s roles too.


Ask “has this type of thing happened to me before”?  “Why does this always seem to happen”?  “Why do I always feel this way”? “How did I handle this type of thing previously, and what can I do differently this time”?


So if you feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall, and you keep falling into what appears to be the same trap, or things that you try are not working out; then chances are; you have come across a Spiritual “Road Block”.


You will stay stuck at this road block until you sort out what is needed to be done here.


Now here is the “Secret” about Roadblocks.


When you are at a road block, Spirit steps right back and will leave you to figure it out for yourself.


Why? Spirit is here to save us right?


Here’s why:

Because part of your journey here is to find your own self empowerment, through your own efforts, and using your own brains, and God given gifts to do so.  Spirit is here to assist and guide you, but they are not Rescuers, for to be a rescuer is unhealthy, as any good Counsellor or therapist will tell you.


The reward of you working this out for your self is Self Empowerment.  Empowerment comes from within you.


The great thing is once you achieve Empowerment of any kind, your Light Shines even more brightly, and Spirit are able to come through closer to you for the next part of your Journey.



Here is a Road Block example:


Beth was in financial difficulty and felt she needed to sell her property.  She was told by several Psychics it would sell.  She was things like told to paint her front door blue, as that would help; she was told that her house number was lucky so it would sell. She was told lots of things of very little substance.


Being in a vulnerable state and desperate to sell she tried these things to no avail.




She happened across another Psychic lady while out and about one day, and this one told her “Sorry love, Spirit are telling me you need to get your act together, sort yourself out and find another way. You are not meant to sell your property, and it won’t sell.  The property values are on a decline now, so you are out of luck”.

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

In despair Beth chose to rent her property out, stay with a friend and sort her finances out. A year later she was able to move back into her home.

Over the following few years the property market boomed and her property more than doubled in value.  She went on to enjoy some of the freedom that having money had to offer her.

During her time of financial hardship, Beth not only learnt to be more responsible with money, and to better budget, she also learnt the value of not being so gullible, and to look for the bigger picture whenever a Road Block came along.

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