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July 23, 2020
Conspiracy theories are not spirituality
August 21, 2020
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One Consciousness

Through time, space and evolution itself we are all connected. Separateness comes from learned information. Knowledge based upon the limitations and knowledge passed from one to another in an unconscious and unquestioning manner. Oneness comes questioning everything and from unlearning such unconscious knowledge to seek the truth and remembering who we are, why we exist. The bigger plan and picture as it were.

Humans have however become stuck in time, and seek guidance from Spirit in order to release what is not needed, so that they can move in a more fluid manner and become more open to evolving and healing.

I have mentioned that I live simultaneously in both realities, the human spectrum and the spiritual spectrum. I know what it takes to become lost and I know what it takes to find your way back to the light .I have been blessed to have Spirit in my life, and their wise guidance teaching me how to implement solutions, personal growth and healing through energy and higher knowledge. This experience is invaluable as I relate fully to the struggle of humanity as well as the Spiritual light that is within every one of us.

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