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July 23, 2020
ESPsychic Deb Sinclair
September 11, 2020
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Conspiracy theories are not spirituality

When the unexpected happens, fear is a natural reaction. In order for people to manage this unknown it is common behavior to relate it to something so that sense can be made of it all.

I am not surprised at the surge of conspiracy theories, however when these cross over into "Spiritual" can be very confusing.

Some people have termed Covid 19 as "The Great Awakening". It is not. Our awakening has been happening and will continue to evolve as we move forward. However if we get side tracked by conspiracy theories then we will become stuck, and will not grow.

In order to decipher the TRUTH; ask yourself:

1. "Am I afraid"?

2. Am I grounded in the moment:?

3. "Am I aware of myself or am I being drawn into something"?

4. "Is this a habit of mine, to be pulled into things and then stress"?

Before you take on board any random information, this is a good exercise to do, and THEN look at the information. Feel free to question segments of the information therein. You will be surprised at how a change of perspective can help you.

By doing this you are creating room in your mind, so that your intuitive self can work with your logical mind and therefore discern the truth.

If you are opening to Spirituality and grow and feel that you require help with this or grounding methods, I can do this in a reading session that is specific to you, and your unique blue print and energy.

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