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January 29, 2012
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February 10, 2012
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Spiritual awareness is also awareness of the self.

Often people will project their feelings or expectation onto someone else when they are seeking fulfillment of some sort within themselves. All of their awareness becomes focused on another person, to fill that need and then analyzing and the “he said, she said”, blame game starts.

This only serves to take you out of your Spiritual Centre.  You need to ask yourself, why do I want to be so distracted from myself?  What is it inside of me that I am avoiding and yet it is crying out to be noticed?  Why do I get so drawn into other people’s dramas or energy?  What is it I achieve from that?

Spirit are here to help you indentify what is holding you back, and to give you an awareness of yourself, so that you can again find balance, and happiness. My role as a reader is part of that.  Remember I cannot fix what your responsibility is; I can however give you Spiritual guidance and insight to assist you.

Know that it is entirely up to you if you take what is given to you.  Your repeated patterns are revealing to you what needs healed and what is not working in your life.

I did a reading for a woman whose love life just kept repeating the same things over and over.  When I pointed out issues to be healed, she flatly refused because that is the way she is and men just have to accept that.  The trouble was, she kept attracting elusive type men, it would start out strong and passionate, and then because she became so demanding they would walk away. The more they walked away the more panicked she became and would constantly contact them.   I am not saying it is all her doing as it takes two to tango, but there was an awful lot of “it’s all his fault” coming from her. Besides this was her reading, her lessons to be pointed out.

Her lessons were self awareness – do not dive in heart first, monitor your moods, look back to your childhood and see if you can remember times when you felt this way, what happened that made you feel this insecure?

No matter what I said, she simply would not accept this, and kept taking the focus back to this man.  This is where people become stuck, and as a reader  I need to bow out.  This is where people can become dependant on your every word and it is not healthy or in their best interest. 

 “When this woman is ready to heal she will”.

In coming times Spirit will be handing more responsibility over to you to sort your healing, as they want us all to fine tune our intuition.  There has been a dramatic shift in energy recently, and it is pointing towards us all becoming more self aware and therefore taking more responsibility for ourselves and our planet. We can expect things to change more rapidly than before, this is designed to test us, and change our priorities and perspective so that we become spiritually centered.  This is why many of you have experienced so many dramatic events over the past few years. This is why you are seeking a new level of fulfillment.

This is why in my readings I am often shown your feelings and your current view point.  The Spirit gives me advice on how you can help yourself.

Spirit keeps stressing to me the importance of this higher awareness – self awareness.

Work on your personal value system, your priorites, your self worth,  your self image, do it all with love and respect for yourself first and foremost.

Work on Healing Yourself, and we all heal.  We all have a role to play on this Spiritual Journey and as we release our fears, and heal then that role becomes more apparent.

If you want to be closer to Spirit, if you want your intuition to speak more clearly to you, if you seek happiness and love, then the work begins with you.  Spirit is always with you, they know you exist.   Have faith in your own courage and set yourself free.

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