January 30, 2012
February 21, 2012
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“Taking off your Rose Colored Glasses”

“Taking off your Rose Colored Glasses”If as a child you may have had parents behaved in ways that made you unhappy. They may have been strict, abusive, elusive, they may have had addictions that made them changeable all of the time. You may have found out some things about your parent or parents that were not nice.

Many children in order to cope and survive, and because of their natural love of their parents will block the truth out and paint a prettier picture of denial and come up with another story to glass it all over. How could a child possibly believe otherwise, through all of the confusion? Your parents may have lied to you, and glossed things over too in order to protect you from their truth which they could not face themselves.

You all may have simply been victims of simply conforming to the society at the time that allowed people no rights to express how they were truly feeling.Many children have carried this (rose colored glasses) behavior through into their adult life and relationships,often ending up in unhappy ones but still pushing that habit of making the reality a fantasy and seeing through distorted vision.

Affirmation: “I now look at my relationship through the eyes of an adult and not a confused and frightened child. I will no longer lie to myself or anyone else. Living in a fantasy is painful, and I gradually work on the obstacles that stand in the way of telling myself the truth”.

When we can look at our parents, warts and all then we are looking at them from an adult perspective, and we come to a place of acceptance of the truth. Adult to adult. It is in this place that we can begin to look at issues head on, see the truth, work through the process of healing ourselves.

By taking off our Rose colored glasses, we clear our soul and are more connected in with the higher flow of true Spirit. We learn to trust ourselves and our intuition, and we feel happier and more at peace within.

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