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January 7, 2012
January 30, 2012
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Releasing Your Pain









Message from Spirit

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“It is acceptable to scream to the heavens with anger, rage, and frustration.  For all of the hurts, betrayals, losses, wrong doings that you may have experienced in your life. It is acceptable to tell your Creator that this is not fair. Let it all out; swear, yell,  release your pain, your rage from the depths of your soul. For this rock bottom is the place within that you visit just before acceptance becomes one with you.  When you find acceptance, you are in line with your Spiritual Centre.  From this place new decisions are made with calm clarity. It is a place where you commence a new cycle on your journey. It is the place where you have finally acknowledged that you are worth more”.


Pain has purpose.  Whatever has happened in your life has a purpose of bringing up pain that is to be healed and transcended.  From this pain we all learn to react in a way to cope and often our behavior towards other people reflects this.  Be it violence, controlling or manipulating others, shying or cowering away, playing the victim etc.  These are all roles that come from what is termed as earthly ego, and are designed to protect ourselves from the intensity of pain.

Unfortunately these roles do not heal, they only serve to keep us stuck.  And as we project this onto others they too become stuck. This is what separates us from Spirit.

In today’s New Age Spiritual awareness, we are taught to send love always, but sometimes this completely goes against the grain of what you are truly feeling.  You cannot come to a place of always sending unconditional love as the higher Spiritual masters do until you face the truth of your pain here on Earth.  This is why you are here and the Spiritual Masters are in the Higher Realms.

Give yourself permission to be honest about your feelings with your Creator,  feel your pain, release it.  Build an honest relationship with Spirit, no just one of “being good” .  Honesty is an attribute of the Higher Spiritual Realms.  With honesty comes an appreciation of being ready to heal. You will then feel lighter and able to give love from a place of higher awareness, and go forth on a higher realm your journey.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Wow that’s so true! Perspective and clarity are so valuable, but so hard to see when clouded by the pain.

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