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October 6, 2011
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October 23, 2011
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How being self aware can assist in your life healing process…..

“Self Awareness is one of the most Powerful Tools you can have”

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I did a reading a  wee while  ago for a woman who was all alone because her man had left her.  I could clearly see him thinking more clearly about things having been away for over 2 months at that stage, and I could see that after much consideration he would make a decision to come back to her and give things another try.


She was most pleased with this news until I pointed out to her that her insecurities only fed the problems that occurred within the relationship.  When I told her that I felt she did not trust this man at all, and that he could not go out without her interrogating him, I got told off by her.    However I persevered on this track as I felt it would offer a breakthrough for her, as this was not a blame game.  I could vividly see that through her insecurities she literally would scream at this man, and accuse him of all sorts of things that he simply was not doing.


On his side of the fence so to speak, he did not offer her enough reassurance, and had a tendency to put up a wall and become arrogant.  He also often just made decisions to go out without even letting her know, so this only fed her insecurities.  Whilst I could see that this man was not a cheat, I could also see that his mates all had their opinions  about my client, because he was so unhappy with his relationship, and he would take on what they were saying and this only made things worse, and more confusing.


As I explained things in more detail, and verified personal  things that my client was feeling, she began to accept what I was saying and looked at it from a different perspective.  She admitted that she did behave the way I said, firstly trying to justify her actions and then coming to the realization that her actions were not going to help her situation, and only make them worse. 


Her tools to use were to try to not react in the way she always has and to become very self aware of her feelings and if she is being rational or not. 

I also pointed out that to break free of her own pattern will allow her to become more in tune with what she is feeling and in turn help her to express herself in a more understandable way to her man.



I could see the path this woman had walked, her upbringing was not great, she had been put down, never allowed to show her feelings let alone express herself, so it was easy to see why she felt the way she did.  Her man, had issues to identify too, but that is his journey.


This was a brief over view of the session with her.  But the thing that I was vividly aware of was her energy gradually calming down and a healing energy coming through.


This is not to say that all is concluded form one reading, as there is still a long way to go,  but she now at least has a perspective that she has never been given before.


The other thing that struck me about this reading was, she was very unwell, with lots of health problems.  That side of it I left up to the health professionals, but I could see that if you heal any one area of your life, to alleviate stress, then it will assist in other areas.


I concluded my session with this woman in a much calmer and clearer state than when we first began.


I encourage anyone who is not happy with any aspect of their life to seek the guidance and help that is available these days.

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