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October 7, 2016
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Possible and probable realities in Psychic readings

"Do you ever wonder why some psychic readings pick up on only a few things and can be vague or they do not come true"?


Do you ever wonder why some psychic readings pick up on things, yet they are vague or they do not come true? It is all to do with possible and probable realities, which are created by the energy that you are vibrating at any given time. The possible and probable realities also explain Deja Vue, and dreams, as your subconscious picks up on these virtual realities, and it is here in the subconscious that these virtual realities exist, until such time enough energetic matter has combined together (much the same as particles are attracted to each other to form molecules) to bring it forth into an actual reality. So you see not all realities will manifest into an actual reality and will stay out in the ethers. Once a virtual reality has reached creation, and become an actual reality then the other possible and probable realties relating to and leading up to this particular one, dissolve away, and new possible and probable realities are therefore created. Now please understand that this is a very simple explanation for how it all works, and that there are many other influences such as vibrational frequencies, thought processes, emotions, and past experiences that all have an influence on the creation of an actual reality. It takes a precision reader to be able to determine clearly through all of this energetic information. From this we also can look at the different dimensions how these work and how these too influence reality. We can also look at why you are attracted to certain individual’s, why you chose a particular path in this lifetime, what other people’s roles are in relation to you, and very importantly how you can set yourself free so that you do not feel alone and you find inner peace. We can also look at who is energetically attracted to you, why some individuals may make life hard for you, we look at addictions, and where addictions fit in Spiritually. We address life purpose, the need for it and how this is relevant to you. We also look at those who have passed through the veil, as well as the higher angelic beings. We determine who is a lower entity or energy, why they or it is, and if this entity is “bad” or is in fact serving a purpose for your growth, and has chosen to stay in the lower levels for this.

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