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October 17, 2011
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October 27, 2011
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The Importance of Looking After Yourself/How to Know that You Are on Track:


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When life gets out of balance; we need to take time to care for ourselves first.

In particular, those of whom are working in Spiritual Fields, as we are subject to so many different realms of energy.


Here is an example of Spiritual Confusion:


Person A:

Has a visitation of Arch Angel Michael, and given some guidance of which comes true.

Things are going along well, and this person has a positive influence on people, and gets much positive feedback.  Things seemingly are flowing along nicely; there is a clear pathway and direction shown.


Person B:

Is angry and threatened at person A for being seemingly more successful, and therefore sets on a public rampage of talking about person A behind their back.  They then accuse person A of wrong doing. Person B is struggling as success does not seem to be coming their way. Unbeknown to Person B, their facts are all wrong, they let their own insecurities take over.

Person B calls in Arch Angel Michael for protection from person A, and sets about transmuting love and light to cleanse and move their negative energy away from them, as in their eyes Person A whom to them is obviously deliberately setting out to get at them.


Question: which of these people is actually truly working with Arch Angel Michael, and which of them is using his name but however not really connecting with him?


Arch Angel Michael can be anywhere at any given time, this is what Arch Angel’s can do as they are there for every single one of us in need.  However is AA Michael  so two faced that he would work so nicely with one, and then take the side of the other to protect them against the other one he is working with?


That to me seems ludicrous.


AA Michael is indeed there for all of us.  You see those in the Higher Spirit Realms can see the bigger picture, they also know us through and through.  Arch Angel Michael comes through to Protect and Serve but he does not take someones vengeance and take it out on someone else.  He diffuses the situation, so it calms down, then either party receives guidance on their own path way… but in no way will he support any negativity.

As a Spiritual worker, to be working in the light takes great honesty, and humility, for it is in this energy that Spirt come through easily, and the messages flow.



It is very, very important to look after your personal wellbeing, have a normal healthy work/life balance and other interests outside of Spiritual work.


How to know you are on track:


Have a good solid base for a personal value system, which encompasses the following, this will allow you be safe in the knowledge of who you truly are, and keep you sure of what you are doing


  • Pure intent, even if you make a mistake, you know honestly that you had no agenda
  • Honesty, with yourself about your feelings, be in touch with your feelings
  • Keep yourself grounded and down to earth, if you are not feeling all love and light, then don’t pretend to be so
  • Be yourself, don’t blindly follow what other people do, find your own style and personal Spiritual Connection
  • Keep it Real, get out into the Real World of every day hum drum, this is a good way to check whether you are getting too carried away Spiritually or not
  • Use your brains, not everything has to be related to something spiritual, sometimes things are just things, and there is often  a very simple and practical reason and way to sort things out
  • Have your facts straight, use logic – communication is important
  • If you feel stressed, take time out to reflect and reassess things.  Having some time out can greatly change your perspective.
  • If in business, keep it Professional at all times
  • Don’t take things so seriously, lighten up
  • Don’t gossip, this only causes the situation to get worse
  • Express yourself, don’t hurt others but it’s OK to swear, curse, and carry on, to yourself or to close people you can trust to talk to your feelings with. It’s called keeping yourself real
  • Never ever profess to be a Spiritual Guru, or leader, keep it humble
  • Look at the bigger picture, what is working in your life right now and what is not
  • Don’t blame other people, blaming only keeps you stagnant, and is dis empowering
  • Take time out, rest, relax, stop to smell the roses, pamper yourself


Also if things are simply not going well, I always take that as a hint that maybe this is not the right path to follow right now, and re-look at things.  Life will not always go smoothly.  Learn to be ready to adapt, to changes.


Being Spiritual does not necessarily mean your calling is to always work in a Spiritual Business.  Your own unique gifts of talents and personality are set up for more than one area in life.  I always think it is good to have experienced a variety of things. I myself have had about 5 different careers, and I look back and am thankful for all of the experiences I have had.










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  1. Anne-Maree Huxley says:

    This is so true for me right now…I am person A, floating along doing my thing while trying to help person B get more bussiness too, then wham! Moody and shutting me out, so I started to feel moody too. I wish no ill of my person B and I was starting to see that her path was one that I had already trodden on many years ago and no longer applicable to me now but this would not have stopped me from wanting to be there for her had it required it. I’m hoping the backstabbing doesn’t come true but if it should then I only have stand firm and hope for the best…..Thank you for shining another light on this subject for me :)

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