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February 23, 2012
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I want to share a story about the importance of protecting yourself spiritually and the importance of knowing your own mind and self and standing by your values. Particularly if you are very open spiritually as I am. This is my own experience and I am not saying that if you have a bad thought it is necessarily this, remember I am very open Spiritually so am more susceptible to this type of thing.


A few years ago I was sitting on a park bench minding my own business, when two darker skinned females walked by.  They were just happily chatting away to one another.

Now it is important that I make it very clear to all that I am not racist, or care about the colour of people’s skin.

To my surprise and puzzlement, I suddenly had a huge urge to stand up and abuse these girls, the words “bitches F*%#@ black bitches” came into my mind.  I stopped myself from doing so and thought to myself-” hang on a minute I don’t want to say that, I’m not even racist”.  I remember thinking “How weird”, and feeling awful that this thought had even entered my mind.


In that moment a Spirit jumped out in front of me, he was a white power skin head male.  With that he abused me with all sorts of language, spat at me and I watched in amazement as this Spirit ran off after these girls shouting obscenities at them.  I dare say that these girls would have felt a not pleasant feeling but would not have known what that was…


This Spirit was earth bound and was looking for opportunities to feed his existence. He caught me by surprise, and if I had been a racist, he would have had me saying the things he wanted me to.


I have not written this to freak anyone out, as most protection comes from your own intention.  But you can understand where people exist in darkness, and then this kind of Spirit will be attracted to them.  Addicts who are earthbound in Spirit will hang around addicts who are alive. But not everyone all of the time, I can pick up on them because of what I do.

This Spirit was not open to being shown the light; he didn’t stick around long enough to even know to consider it.  It was a lesson for me to keep my protection up, and to be clear of my own thought processes.


The more love and the more positivity you can bring to yourself and others then these kind of Spirit’s have no choice but to go to the light.




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