February 21, 2012
May 27, 2012
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The “paralysis of analysis”

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The “paralysis of analysis” is a trap we can all fall into when our relationships are not meeting our needs. When a partner is elusive, changes their behavior, or is abusive, this can lead to confusion and our need to become dependent on “the outcome” as opposed to what needs to be healed now. Or we become so engrossed in looking at and analyzing every single little …detail that our energy becomes stagnant and stuck. We go around and around in the same circles over and over. It can consume us.

As a reader I have learnt the lesson that to tune into such things only has me tuning into that stagnant energy. It serves no higher purpose, and puts enormous pressure on the reader, as the clients energy often is pushing, pushing forward full of their own desires for the outcome. This clouds the energies, and the client can enter an addictive type scenario, relying on the reader to “fill” the gap that is missing, and therefore missing the point. I have often given guidance from Spirit that has fallen on deaf ears, as the client has reverted back to the same old questions again.

If this continues Spirit tends to pull back and the answers coming through will become distorted.
Therefore it is important to draw a line, as often the person in this situation will not be open to hearing what they do not want to and will consistently be living in the hopeful future as opposed to acknowledging and healing their emotions in the now.

As I reader I will offer guidance from Spirit and it is entirely up to the client if they use this or not. A reader’s role is not to fix things for you, this is your journey.

You yourself do have a Spiritual connection, so you too can ask Spirit for things to be revealed that you are uncertain of, however it is up to you how you handle things.

Remember we are all on a path of growth; emotions are there to be healed. Relationships serve a higher purpose to heal what is needed. When this is realized then personal transformation can take place.

There is always a bigger picture, and if you are wiling to grow then the time will come when you can look back, see the person you were then and compare that to how much you have grown, for when we transform ourselves, we find we are no longer the person we once were.

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