May 27, 2012
Living in the Now
June 6, 2012
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The Space-Time Continuum of the Spiritual Realms

One evening very late I was talking to a friend  on the phone, and bringing Spirit through. I was so very tired myself,and I fell asleep!  I awoke to hear my friends voice saying  “are you there, are you still there?”  The interesting thing about this was that I had only momentarily stopped talking and when I opened my eyes again, and “woke up” I was continuing on  talking as though it had never stopped.   It had in fact not stopped at all, I was still corresponding with those in Spirit and my friend too. It was a bizaire feeling  as we all know when we sleep we go through to Spirit world, and I had done just this while talking to my friend, and came back again, still talking to the same beings I was associating with on the other side.

This is why Spirit encourage us to meditate, as it takes us to the place where they can come through, and that place is the stillness of our minds.  I have what you could term as a permanent “still place” in my mind now, it is there all of the time.  You could say I spend half of my time in Spirit and half here, I do it simultaneously.


You can do this too in time with practice.

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