November 14, 2020
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November 24, 2020
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Forgiveness through acceptance and not absolution

The path to forgiveness is a difficult one. Especially as we awaken, we grow and change and therefore we come to realise our unresolved lessons from the past.

This can be a very painful experience as our subconcious releases information into our conciousness that we once shut down through learned behaviour in order to protect ourselves. This is perfectly normal and is a natural part of the human experience as we journey through the path of our life.

These changes can see us looking at people in a different way, from a new perspective.

"This year 2020 has been one of an opportunity of accelerated Spiritual and personal growth, as we are forced to go within and take responsibility for our own actions, and our reactions and response to them".

Our emotions can be very intense as we break the chain of ongoing patterns and cycles and this can also be very confusing. There is nothing more certain that being stuck puts new pressure on us as our busy lives have come to a stop, and we have time to reflect on what makes us happy or not.

"Repeated patterns can show us where our own healing is needed. We cannot change anothers actions, but we do have the power to change ourselves, and our reactions"

Therefore when we look at changing our reactions, this changes the dynamic between you and another person/people. When this happens it will bring up from inside of you what is needed to be healed. The catch here is that we can find ourselves drawn into what the other person is doing, thinking and feeling. This is also fine, to a certain extent. Please understand that the more emphasis you put on the other persons behaviour, the more you will remain stuck.

Putting this emphasis on another person is likely to be learned behaviour, so that you can gauge them, and protect yourself. Or it may be simply because you have known them for so long, and you may even feel guilty for changing yourself.

From here we need to acknowledge the pain that you feel because of this dynamic and interaction. Resentment, sorrow, anger, regret. These are all natural feelings if we have been hurt, betrayed, abused, abandoned...the list can go on and on.

Your healing will not come if you are seeking absolution, yes you wish to be free of the pain, but by continuing to put emphasis on the other person, you are seeking ways to analyse, rationalise, and go around and around in circles emotionally. You are trying to free yourself from the pain by tryng ot make sense of it all, but you will find that you just come back to square one.

'Acceptance leads to healing, and onto forgiveness'

The acceptance of the things that we cannot change, past and present, and the acceptance of just how rotten things were and are. We do not need to justify ourself or the other person, we just accept. Now this too is not always easy. However when we look at someone warts and all and accept that they are who they are, and that we choose to change ourselves and our own reactions, so that we can find peace, then this is a quantum leap in the path towards our own inner peace.

One of the spin offs in changing our reactions, is to put new boundaries in place, and this leads to a higher level of discernment. We can choose our battles, decide if it is even worth engaging in certain situations and with certain people. We are no longer drawn into the old patterns, and therefore we are in our own energy. Sometimes this can feel strange, as the authentic you emerges, you will need to get to know this new you, so give yourself the time and space required for this.

The opening up that comes from the self awareness of your reactions can also result in the release of an inner child within you that you have forgotten about. The inner child can be a wonderful guide towards the light and our healing, and we look at this in another article. Humans are such multi dimensional beings, and we are in a great time of awareness and Spiritual Evolution..

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