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November 18, 2020
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Pure higher sensory psychic readings

"As we move closer into a true intuitive age, with the uncertain challenges this presents, the abilities of psychic readers and intuitives are being tested, as people are looking for real quality, real commitment, real empathetic reader's with true higher sensory attributes to assist them on their life path".

Deb Sinclair


Pure psychic higher sensory energy readings are the highest form of intuition available.This instant connection forms a direct true channel between the client, the reader and Spirit.

Energy forms all realms of existence; therefore your reader will have the ability to read from the highest realms through to ground level, and all vibrational frequences, and keep a natural, balanced and uninterupted flow of accuracy going with this.

Truly advanced Psychic Medium, Clairvoyants and Empath's have natural stand out qualities, and you, the client, can easily tell within the first few seconds if they are the real deal and if they qualify with attributes of a high calibre reader;so you can quickly see if they are legitimate or not. These Higher Sensory Attributes are listed below, so you may put these to the test when calling any psychic. I recommend that you do.


1. Instant connection without requesting anythIng more than a first name, validation, for example, they can tell you something about you, your personal emotions,or that of another person, aspects of your past present or future, describe a person's physcial appearance, and this must be in detail, and be specific, no vague or general talk that could be related to many people, instant means just that, instant answers. You the client need this evidence for reassurance. They can often determine why your are calling without you telling them.

2. Accurate visual descriptions of a person, hair colour, height, build, mannerisms personality.

3. Your Spiritual connection is a unique and private one and nothing else is required but your own energy, as that contains all of the information in it and that is enough to read from.

4. Validation, a true empath will be able to tell you how you are feeling emotionally, energetically, and moods past present and not only that he/she will feel your feelings and describe them, and even why you feel that way.

5. Where energy goes, energy flows and forms our reality, and a true reader can see auras, chakras, connection chords, ( those with the highest sensory perception can even see even neurons that connect the energies of people), both living and passed.

6. The HSA reader can see the direction and flow of the energy the reuslt being able to predict accurate outcomes , and you will receive specifics in relation to this.

7. They will have all of the clair senses, can remote view, giving accurate descriptions

8. Their empath ability will be profound, you will feel so connected, because they literally feel as you do.

9. They are fast! NO time wasting, not lots of questions, no asking you to describe your situation, your energy is enough for them to pick up on what is happening for you. From there you can easily tell if they are a true reader or not.

10. Some will be able to give accurate Medical Intuitive Readings, identifying pains, inflammation or issues within the physicall body.

11. A general rule is that the reader should do most of the talking, not asking.


1. They will not ask you to explain your situation get you to tell them about anything, this explaining of yourself is not needed to form a true high level connecton. They do not "milk" you for information. A first name (out of courtesy ) is more than enough infomation.

2. The reading will be "you" based, the reader will not talk about themselves or their own life experiences in relation to your reading, nor will they give advice to you based on their life experiences. To talk about themselves is not psychic, nor a real channeled connection.

3. HSA Psychics will not include astrology, numerology, religious based or new age generlised theories or any "blanket" type of add on reading in your session. This is not chanelled information.

4. They will not "deflect" by saying something like "you will know the answer to that in a few months", type of thing. That is not a true reader.

5. They will not waste time in general conversation, or "relating" by things such as current world events. They will stick to your specific reading, and such world events on a personal way such as how you are as an individual been affected, and will be specific and detailed in that aspect.

6. They will not refer to methods such as things you read in new age books, methods or rituals that have been taught in workshops, or learnt from another person. None of this is pure chanelling.

7. They will not generalise, nor will they be vague.

8. They will not make assumptions.

9. They will not give generic type of advice

"Debs is the ONLY person that I will go to from now on. She is amazingly accurate! She doesn't need anything but a name or names of the people concerned, and she gives you information that is absolutely ASTOUNDING! She is a truly gifted lady. I'm so glad that I found her. Call this wonderful lady. You will never be disappointed. She's a sweetheart as well and very down to earth. I love her"!!

"Called about a job and Mrs Debs said I would do some paperwork and then start by Wednesday. Received a call this morning asking me to come in for paperwork and some training Tuesday so that I can start working on Wednesday. Very accurate. Thank you Mrs Debs you've been my go to & extremely accurate every time"!!

"I feel blessed to have found Debs. She has been uncannily accurate, she answers my questions before I even ask, and she is comforting but also professional".

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