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November 8, 2020
November 14, 2020
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Canada and USA Email psychic readings

Psychic, Clairvoyant Readings are available by email.

This is a practical, and fast way to get the answers that you seek.

Please keep your questions brief, and remember to send through first names. This service is for specific questions relating ot a person or situation and is not sutiable for generalised questions (for example: "what do you see for me in the next year?)

I do answer in depth, and will elaborate on anything as it comes through.

Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 questions answered in depth. (This service does not include mediumship).

Please follow these instructions:

1. Book using the booking link here on this page

2. Pay on the Paypal link, (there is a drop down menu to select your option)

3. Send your questions through the contact form on this page, thank you.

Email psychic Readings

Therapeutic and comprehensive Intuitive based readings that offer varying combinations (as directed by Spirit, and according to your needs), of the following

 Spiritual Counselling  Mediumship  Emotional healing  Soul Reach/Retrieval  Automatic writing  Life Coaching  Aura reading and insight  Clairvoyance  Psychic Vision  Clairaudience  Clairsentience  Empathetic  Energetic reading  Heart Centred Balancing  Chakra healing  Validation of your journey, past, present and future  Soul Mate Connections  Life Lessons  Higher Awareness  Health and wellbeing energy psychic readings  Medical intuition  Near Death Experience Insight  PTSD insight  Life transitions  Relationships  Psychometry  Out of body experiences  And more…..
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    If you prefer to have an instant phone or chat reading, please use the Click 4 advisor link below, you can issue a callback/chatback request or schedule a time for a callback as well:

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