NZ Christchurch Psychic Medium
June 6, 2018
Auckland, Wellington phone 0900 52515
June 15, 2018
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Excellent Master psychic

What sets Debs apart is her innate ability to access readings through and into a far greater spectrum of realms and psychic energies than your average psychic. This is because she is a specialist psychic energy reader, and can transcend through the heavier emotional or lower negative energies and also access the energies of the higher realms, which is how her business name came to be! This ability means you receive a much more comprehensive that reaches depths that other psychics cannot. This is reflected in her readings by way of very intricate detail, of things that she could not possibly know, key points of reference which may be visual descriptions of people, connecting with someone who has passed over, identifying illness and ailments, feeling a person’s or people emotions, their mental health, and much, much more… Your reading can look at past, present and future, through all of these realms; check out her huge skill set of abilities. The beauty of her readings is that she is a Pure Intuitive, this means that all of the information comes through from a Pure Debs-Client-Spirit connection, so you are assured that it is not interrupted by referencing books, new age fads, or generalised information, and that your reading is safe, confidential, personal and real! With a love of helping people, and a natural ongoing psychic awareness and Spiritual Connection, you will love meeting Debs and experiencing the calmness and healing you feel after you connect in and are given greater insight from your reading!

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