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June 4, 2018
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June 12, 2018
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NZ Christchurch Psychic Medium

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I love being able to see, feel, and read my clients aura, and energy, and connect in with the energy of those both living and those who have passed over into Spirit.

Together we often journey back in time to review certain life events that have unconsciously had an ongoing impact on the clients life, decisions, relationships, how they feel about themselves and their general well-being.

We can also do a body scan to identify any energy blockages, be it physical, mental emotional and Spiritual.

I am a very sensitive empath, which means I feel what you feel when I connect in with you. Again this is on all levels be it Spiritual, Mental, emotional or physical. and Spirit also convey their messages of wisdom and guidance through.

As you can imagine there is a LOT of information there to be read, this is where Spirit takes the lead and brings forth what they emphasize as relevant for you at that time.
Everything in the reading is intuitive, which means I do not divert of into advice by “life experience”, because it is your life, not mine, and I connect with you in the true intention of bringing healing and information through for your highest good. I also do not refer to any latest New Age fads, as this disrupts the flow of energy. We don;t bring outside influences into the reading environment. It is safe secure, confidential and protected.

My clients often say how relieved they are, and how much lighter they feel, especially when Spirit and myself acknowledge hidden feelings that they have been suppressing. We offer guidance on how to manage emotions as well.

I have a profound insight and understanding of energy, and energy healing happens in the reading, as we acknowledge where we are at.

Greater understanding and deeper insight is crucial for our healing and well- being, we do not know our bigger picture, but Spirit does.

The readings are really relaxed, I am very down to earth, and easy to get along with! You can be assured that everything said is in complete confidence

. I look forward to meeting you, and connecting on your life’s journey.

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