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Energetic Inertia and Relationships

Inertia is defined as “a property of matter or energy by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion unless that state is changed by an external force” ….

Every interaction, action, and reaction between people over time establishes a dynamic where, for example, one is often dominant over the other. This dynamic creates an energy all its own. This is the energy that stays set in the background and forms the very basis behind the relationship, and therefore people become so lost and stuck in such relationships. Both the dominant and the submissive become addicted or co-dependent.

“This energy is often mistaken for Soulmate energy, as it is often intense”.

The energy created from a relationship dynamic and the interactions with another person, for instance, will continue that way even after the relationship has ended. For example, if you were with a very manipulative partner and you found yourself trapped into this manipulation, you will have found the relationship in time to end up being extremely toxic, and you also will have found that you lost a large part of yourself in this.

Recovery from this type of scenario can take a long time, however as more and more of us become aware of the fact that we are all energy, we will all then see when our energy has been diminished or stolen, by another person in order to prop themself up, and so we can all learn how to shorten our recovery time and accelerate our Spiritual and personal growth, to move on to happier things.

The manipulator will feel energised from having controlled you, and even though you may have broken free from them, it is important to understand that you must now consciously begin the healing process to grow beyond, not only this relationship, but to also grow beyond this energetic dynamic and raise your vibration.

The reason I mention that it must be a conscious effort, is because we must then increase our awareness and our understanding of the pitfalls of that relationship, how you got drawn into it, how your past experiences and upbringing is what created a similar energetic dynamic, and this energy is what attracted you to this person in the first instance. Also important is how you felt in the first attraction, and how that attraction became a mere illusion. We then must also look for the answers and solutions of how to grow beyond such a dynamic.

This process begins with our own self-awareness, looking at ourselves, to critique ourselves and be very honest with ourselves and our contribution to such a relationship. Once we identify and then take responsibility for our side of things then we can look at ways of which to grow and change and move to a higher path.

“It is so important to keep bringing conscious awareness back to the self when in healing and growth mode, it is too easy to keep casting our awareness back to the other person, if we keep reverting our awareness back to them, we remain stuck”.

The more sensitive that you are the more you will feel this energy and, unless very aware, it can be very confusing. Your logical mind tells you that you have moved on, yet you still feel drawn back to this person, which makes no sense as you know that the person is not good for you.

This is because the inertia of the energy is still behaving in the same pattern. Like waves on a beach, it withdraws back and then moves forth again trying to make an imprint on your energy.

So, the question is, how do we stop this energy from doing this? The self-awareness tool is the secret to this. You consciously choose to change your reaction to that energy. The energy is attracted to your vibration formed in the old dynamic so therefore being aware and making a conscious choice to do anything other than the way you would have previously reacted, causes a distortion in the energetic flow.

There is not a requirement to be perfect, you need to feel what you need to; however, the secret is your intention to advance your level of consciousness in the bigger picture. Intention is formed by being completely honest with yourself and your willingness to change and grow.

You must also be tenacious and persistent. You have learnt this pattern in your life, and this has now come to conscious awareness through your experience with the other person, but you must also realise that energy can also be persistent, especially if this is a lifelong pattern, so you may feel as though you have an inner and outer battle raging at times. Just when you think you are free of it; it will come back to test your resolve.

Much like a virus needing a host, the energy too needs hosts and if this is not present, in time it will fall away. Your ex-partner will feel a disconnect, once this energy is forced to withdraw from yours and, unless he/she is ready to grow, they will simply repeat their pattern and find a new person to create that energy to feed off. You, however, by freeing yourself of that energetic dynamic means, you step into the realms of opportunity to consciously create the future that you desire.

Author: Debs Sinclair, Psychic Medium Clairvoyant Copright 2021


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