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December 2, 2020
December 28, 2020
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Inner Peace equals outer peace.

How we are on the inside dictates how we behave and our level of awareness. It dictates how we treat others, and whether we give energy to others or if we take others energy. Many are struggling at this time as we are forced to go within to heal, as our outer illusional world crumbles around us.

Because we are born into a 3rd dimensional reality that has a consciousness made up of illusion, (the beliefs that we have taken on without question through generations),we now find ourselves living according to that learnt behaviour from the 3rd dimensional unconsciousness of those before us. However, this is now becoming more uncomfortable than ever as individuals feel the calling of their Souls, and to seek the Truth.

At this time of great awakening, we now can break free from the shackles of this learned illusion, in order to heal and become our Soul Self. This is because we are becoming more aware that it is our intuitive empathy that connects us all as one.

When you feel the emotions of another living being, you are connecting with them on a truly Authentic Vulnerable and Compassionate, and true Spiritual level. The non-judgemental awareness of a true empath connection is a powerful tool in the healing process because the reader literally experiences what you are feeling.

To be open and vulnerable yet to feel safe within the connection to all that is, means that you are truly connected on a higher pure plane of awareness. Personal and energetic boundaries are a must for the empath, and these can be identified in a psychic reading and healing session with Deb Sinclair.

The opposite to Empathy is Apathy, where an individual has no interest in another person’s feelings, wellbeing or emotional state. These individuals are stuck in the lower 3rd dimensional consciousness, and therefore spend their life literally stealing energy from others who are less aware of the true power that we all hold within us.

Debs specializes in sensory energy recognition and helps many client’s world over to find understanding and clarity of their life lessons, their connections to others, and the patterns that can keep you stuck. She works at Soul Level to determine your highest path, and aides you in your healing and understanding of the journey that you are on in this lifetime.
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