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It is interesting to observe the influence that having a psychic read for you can have.  Joan was worried about her job; she phoned two psychics who told her there would be a restructuring at her work and that she had better start looking for another job.  She became very worried about this, however decided to put it aside and just get on with it.  Some things happened at her work place and she decided to resign anyway.  At this stage no restructuring had happened.  However, they are NOW restructuring because Joan is leaving and they realize the place needs a complete overhaul.  So whilst they were correct, it was out of context.

So she did not need to worry about any restructuring, because it did not affect her at all.

This is why it is important to have the context and timing of readings correct.

David, once while at a Gas station came across an attractive woman.  When he touched her arm he had a vivid vision of her crashed through her car wind screen, dead.  To prevent this happening he snatched the keys out of her ignition, and then hastily took off in his car.   However she had a spare set of keys and therefore proceeded to follow him up the road at high speed to catch up with him and give her a piece of her mind.  Sadly this is what caused her accident.


Where to interfere and where to leave well alone? This is part of our Spiritual discernment as we head into higher frequencies.  We must learn to read well and read accurately, and feel what is for us and what is to be left alone.


One Psychic lady told me she thought some readings were becoming confused because there is so much space junk out there now it is interfering with the vibes.  I thought that was gorgeous.  From what Spirit show me, it is simply the fact that we are all being called to refine our abilities to a higher level, so that we can be of service to others.

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