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Have you ever wondered why when you have asked Spirit to take you on a path that is for your Highest Good and Highest Good for all that things sometimes turn out rotten?

This is because when you ask this question you need to understand that if there are obstacles, be it inner or outer obstacles in your way, you will need to face these in order to grow and evolve spiritually. What you need to learn is what you need to learn, end of story.

Often we think “oh if it’s for my highest good, then it will be an easy path”, but remember you came here to learn, to grow, and then from that growth be a light to show others the way forth.

You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink also applies here. This is why our repeated scenarios and lessons are also our “wake up calls”. The old saying “why do these kind of things keep happening to me” applies here.

Here are some true examples of those thinking they are walking their highest path but missing the mark completely:

Jane refuses to walk her path in anything but joy and comfort. Her belief is that Spirit is protecting her so it will all be easy. To achieve this, she runs away at the first sign of something being difficult. She has stayed in the same job for 15 years, has not had a relationship in over 20 years, simply because she is of the mind set that anything “uncomfortable” is not her Spiritual path. She simply does not want to step outside of her comfort zone.
She has come into the habit of denial, and there is always another reason why she is where she now is. She lives consistently in the future and not the now. When she talks about her life, the reality is very different form what she is saying.

Edward believed that Spirit was looking after him; therefore he does not work, as everything was always provided by Spirit, in his eyes. To achieve this Edward preys on the vulnerable, such as the lonely Solo mothers who were struggling, and beds down there to have his needs met. He was very manipulative in his approach to people, and very “profoundly wordy” which bamboozled and impressed the very vulnerable. When he was done with those people, he would simply pack up and move forth on his “Spiritual Path” to find his next “providers”.

Both of these people when challenged would walk away from those who questioned them, and continue on their journey exactly the same.

So they both have achieved no Spiritual Growth whatsoever. Self denial and manipulation are traps that people can fall into, and it is good to be aware of such.

When we learn and grow, we become more in line with Spirit and can face the truth. Our faith in our self and our ability to discern and trust our intuition moves to the forefront as an integral part of our life. We no longer feel completely lost and we live in the moment.
For those of you who come across people such as Jane and Edward, just notice if you feel uncomfortable around them or not, for they will drain your energy. You may feel a bit confused, mildly depressed, or even like you are doing something wrong.

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