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Judgement vs Differentiation

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Defining judgement from Differentiation ©Higher Realms Ltd 2012

It appears that in Spiritual circles now that if you even say something that is not love and light then you are not coming from a higher or loving place. This is not so. If you look around at the world as it is we are not there yet, and in order to continue to awaken souls who are trapped by other people’s lower energies, we must trust ourselves to recognize the difference in people’s energy.
Here is an example:
Mary wanted so badly to walk her Spiritual path that she took advice and got readings from  so many different people. When I talked to her about this, I mentioned that a few of these people that she saw as wise, we in fact not so evolved and that their egos were coming to the forefront. (I could tell this because their energy felt of a lower vibration or flat). Mary did not agree with me because these people had successfully manifested wealth, and the others could feel all of these amazing energy shifts. I pointed out that the one who had manifested wealth had a husband who was the CEO of a major Company so the credit card was not a problem, hardly manifesting. And that the ones who saw all of these energy shifts that were to influence us all, were just all talk. I could see that yes while they could sense energy and read to a certain extent, it was not to the level that they desired people to see them at.
I told Mary, to just wait, that in time, she would see this for herself. Recently Mary mentioned to me that these people were not being very nice to her, they were accusing her of all sorts of things, and she had no idea why. Mary had recently come through some trauma which led her to a higher way of thinking and therefore she had connected with people who who more spiritually evolved than these very ones she had been associating with. And so jealousy had reared its head towards Mary. And there you have it, I told her, there is the proof that these people are not evolved, because when you are, you know that you are safe, and that Spirit are guiding you. You do not spend time trying to bring other people down. You will find that this type of behaviour often occurs as you are ready to move forward and up to a new level, having recognised and learnt those lessons needed with those people. The woman who has the rich husband, what she told Mary has not held any substance or backing or truth to it.  Mary told me that now when she looks back, she can see that the woman always had to be right, that Mary was not really allowed to question her.
So when I point out to someone that such and such is not of good intent, it is not to put that person down, it is merely so you my client can look objectively and decide for yourself. You may agree and be pleased that we are both seeing it that way or you may disagree. However the need to differentiate is paramount in order to help all evolve onto a higher plane where that love and light shines within us all, and we are one.
When you get to the place where you trust yourself, then your lessons are learnt so much more easily, and Spirit can support you with more clarity.
I hope this is of help to those of you who are struggling to make sense on your path.

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