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February 14, 2016
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The fight for the Balance of Power, how move away from the Narcissist

The fight for the Balance of Power, how move away from the Narcissist

I wanted to write this because right now there are a lot of labels being thrown around  in Spiritual circles to sum up behaviour of certain characteristics in people.
Lately the term Narcissist has been one of them. I am not entirely comfortable with this new trend, as it is unfair to sum someone up because of your own hurt.  A label may help justify how you feel about it, none the less, there is usually a lot more to each story,and it takes two to interact in such a way.  And really it is not actually about them, it is about you and your lessons.

However,  for those of you who have suffered at the hand of a controlling, lying, mind game playing manipulator, here is something that may help you come to terms with it.
What is uncanny is that many of these Manipulators leave you shattered, drained and feeling worthless, and somehow they move on to meet someone else and may ” seem to”   have completely changed, and treat the new person better, right?
Wrong, what I have seen is the ILLUSION created by a shift in the balance of power.
They WILL NOT have moved on to someone perfect in a perfect relationship. They are not at that level. They are more likely to move onto another person they can control, or someone who has something they want such as money, or someone who is quick to nip their behaviour in the bud, and not let the games happen. Or they may have unwittingly moved onto someone who can out play their games and mess with their mind.

Some people are OK with these constant energy exchanges for the balance of power and control, to them it is normal, they have not awakened, however be assured that until they heal themselves, they will not find truth in their world.
I smile when I see the energy between people, and the exchange of it. What is being shown on the surface can be soooo different than what the energy is showing.
I smile when I see the cunning manipulator be shut-down by their partners, and while away from their partner act as though they are King or Queen.
No matter how hurt or disillusioned you are left, you were there to LEARN and your lesson is to RECOGNISE when and if this is happening to you again,with someone new,  so that you too can stop it before it even starts. It is up to you how many times you need to go around in this circle before you “get it”.
Many who claim to be  victims of the Manipulator are hopeless romantics, and looking for the Illusion of LOVE. You are likely to have had a magnetic attraction, a powerful chemistry. Beware, the next time this happens to you, and bring yourself back to centre, back to earth and take your time to observe this person and how they act. ATTRACTION IS NOT LOVE.
Emotional Immaturity is a key factor, (and this refers both parties).

Flirting and being witty will be another, it is likely they will put on different masks around different people, and will project what is their own behaviour by pointing it out in another person and putting them down. They will also have mood swings. They are more than likely materialistic.
And most of all they are DRAINING to be around. They leave you feeling tired.
So while it is all good pointing the finger at the Narcissist, we need to change OURSELVES not them, in order to move onto a higher level of understanding, peace, and well being.

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