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February 19, 2016
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February 24, 2016
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I was working in an office a few years back, and on my first day I was introduced to a guy, who was very helpful and accommodating and friendly.  But I got a bad vibe of him, like he was cunning and not to be trusted.

Having learnt to trust my instincts, I keep him at arm’s length (un be-knowing to him). You see he would ask leading questions to try and get information from me, and I gave him answers, but only part of what he was after.  He did not know I was aware of him or doing this, or the fact that I was only giving him pieces of information and not the full picture.

A couple of times I nearly let things slip when I let my guard down, but quickly recovered.

So about 9 months went by and still nothing, he seemed nice enough and nothing bad had happened.  But I decided to continue with my stance.

And then about 1 year after I started, there it was!  He was caught out! This guy had set up international shipments to fail, mucked up coding in the system, talked behind people’s backs, all this ugly stuff came out for all to see.  Now if I had given him the information her was after, I would have copped some of the blame and looked like I was the one up to no good. He was looking for a naive scape- goat, and I was going to be his target.

A WHOLE YEAR PEOPLE, IT TOOK A WHOLE YEAR!  I am so glad I stuck to my guns.

Sometimes this can take a long time to come to pass, but do trust your instincts and put things in place to protect yourself.


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