November 2, 2011
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November 6, 2011
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This is the prayer I use to do my work with.  I have marked it as copyright as I will be using this later as my own material.  However you are all welcome to use this or variations of such, in your daily lives…..

If not comfortable  with the relgious connotations, you can use whatever suits, such as Universe, Creator, or what ever your beliefs are  etc.

The important thing is your intention to work in this light, and to approach it with a positive attitude, not fear.  As long as you put this protection up around you, it keeps you safe.

Those in Spirit who are here to assist are attracted to this light, because this is the light of which they exist. And it is in this light that those who have passed over find healing, love and support, it is the light of “home”.

As human beings in every day life, and our limitations here, we are simply  not able to exist as those in the Spirit Realms do, but if you live your life with this kind of intention, then that helps keep you on the right track.



©Higher Realms Ltd 2011

“I now surround and cover myself in a blanket of the purest and highest white Christ light of God,  and  that of Truth, Love and Wisdom.

I ask for the protection of the, Angels and Masters and beings  who stand and work only in this light.

I ask that any lower or negative energies or entities be removed and healed with love.

I give thanks for the gifts I have been given and guidance I have from God, and for the connection I have to the Spirit Realms.  I acknowledge those in Spirit and thank them for their love, protection, and assistance.

I give thanks  for my life and  my  opportunity to grow here on Earth,  and for all of those I meet during my journey.  I pay respect to those who have been before me.

I choose to always stand and work in this highest white light always.

I do this in the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit



When I finish working with Spirit I thank them for their time, and ask for the Protection to stay.




  1. Kerry says:

    Thank you Debs for sharing this protection prayer. God bless x

  2. michele hemana says:

    awesome thank u for sharing

  3. Frances says:

    Thank you for your guidance and love on my spiritual journey. love and light xoxo

  4. Louise Alley says:

    Thank you for posting that Protection Prayer Deb x

  5. nicole says:

    Thank you so much for this prayer of protection! I’m going to use this as a basis for a protection prayer for myself, I have been looking for something like this lately. Thank you so much for posting this!! It is much appreciated from me! Take care, Peace, Love and Light!

  6. Mags says:

    What a Beautiful & Meaningful Prayer!! God Bless all who take it on Board.. May Love & Peace continue to guide you on your Journry thru’ Life!!

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