Words of Encouragement from Spirit: ” Believe in Yourself, as we believe in You”
September 24, 2011
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“Standing in your Truth”: A message from Spirit

“If you ever feel that something does not suit you, or you feel uncomfortable, stay standing in your own truth and do not let pressure make you back down, for your truth will lead you to a higher path”

This has been on my mind lately with Spirit giving me the “nudge” to put this on here.

They tell me there are a few frustrated people out there who feel a bit stuck.

A few years ago I attended a Trance Channelling evening. I walked into this hall where people were sitting waiting for this to begin. Candles and incense were burning everywhere, the lights were dimmed and ritualistic type ornaments were put in specific places. Immediately I did not like the energy that I felt in there, to me it felt dull and a bit icky. Certainly not loving and inspiring.

I was handed a pamphlet and told that an amazing being was to be channelled through the woman sitting on stage. Trusting the energy I felt, I thought to myself “we’ll see”.

The channelling commenced with the woman going into a deep trance then opening here eyes and talking in a posh type “all profound wisdom” type of voice.

I listened, then decided to cast any judgement aside and hear what was said. What was said was a whole lot of nothing in a very Profound sounding voice. When question time came, and I challenged some of what was said. As to me there was not one thing that actually said anything amazing or proved anything to anyone.

I got told by “the profound being” that I was not evolved enough and therefore could not possibly reach the higher frequencies needed to comprehend what was said, and was welcome to leave if this did not suit me. Still I had no questions answered. I actually felt a bit humiliated.

I chose to ignore the comments, shut my mouth and stayed until the end, but it bothered me to see how many people actually bought into this because of the “Profound image” and marketing of this event.

Later on I learnt that the woman channelling was diagnosed with a mental illness, and was no longer doing this.

The point that Sprit want to make is as always TRUST YOURSELF. You do not always have to follow something because it looks flash, or because everyone else is. Your path is your own. Every one is allowed their point of view, but no one should belittle you if you do not follow their ways. A true Spiritual being will uplift you, enlighten you and empower you, by making sense!

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