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July 17, 2020
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July 23, 2020
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Spiritual Blue Print and Psychic Coding

We each have our own individual blue print or Spiritual coding. This coding forms the basis of who we are, and remains constant throughout our lifetimes. The conditioning and influences we incur in our lives does not alter this code;,as this code is Soul based and is a direct link to Source, Great Spirit. God or One Consciousness. It is through my coding and yours that I connect with you for your readings. We each emit a frequency, and once our codes connect we co-create a new frequency which the attract in the energies of those in Spirit and the higher Spiritual Realms (including angelic realms), to bring forth the relevant information for your reading.

I refer to my readings as Spirit driven. This is because we bring through relevant information, and it is often information that you in your present awareness do not realise that you need. I am a pure channel to bring this information through to you, so it is done free of judgement, and protected in the highest of light, and is fully confidential

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