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May 9, 2016
June 4, 2016
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Spirit connection through our dreams

Spirit have many ways of getting you to notice them.

I did a reading on Sunday, for a woman who kept dreaming of well known people over and over.  She wanted to know what it meant.

Immediately I felt she had someone in Spirit wanting her attention and the way this was achieved was to present consistent dreams over and over. The I saw her, as plain as day, standing before me.

This was a strong Spirit, a woman, and it turned out to be someone who had only passed a month ago! The reasoning behind her antics was because it was likely she would have gone unnoticed otherwise.  Also my client told me this woman was high maintenance in life.

My client asked why she had appeared, and all I could see was the Spirit wanting to know where her purse or hand bag was!  It turns out that losing this was a common occurrence in life too!





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