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May 23, 2018
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June 3, 2018
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specialist psychic energy reader


1Why choose a specialist psychic energy reader?
The psychic readings are much more defined, detailed, accurate and concentrated (meaning you will get a lot more information in a shorter amount of time)
2 How do I know if someone is a specialised psychic energy reader?
The easiest way to tell if a reader has this gift or not; is to see if they ask for a lot of information at the very beginning of a reading. All of the information is readable from the energy, so you can quickly tell whether a reader has this ability. Debs only requires a first name (out of courtesy), and your reading flows from there
3What exactly does a specialised psychic energy reader do that is different from the usual readers.
This gift is that of a purely intuitive and energetic reader. This means Debs reads purely off your energy. She establishes an energetic flow at the time of the reading through the CLIENT>READER>SPIRIT> connection. This connections allows her to see the aura, and energy points of a client. The human aura once connected in this energetic flow then attracts in those in Spirit who pop in with messages for the client, and the energy bodies of those living also appear which provides deeper and more prfound insight into any given situation be it past, present or future. No tarot cards, crystal balls, runes or other tools are required for this to happen. Debs may use automatic Spirit writing which is when Spiritual energy flows through writing, and although to the client this looks like scribbles on a page, it presents a stronger connection to Spirit when required.
4The ability to read a greater variety of energies
We have mentioned Spiritual discernment, which is very important. There are so many aspects to energy, the highs, the lows, the mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual energies, whether it is past, present or future, which Spiritual Realm it exists from, how to influence, heal or adapt to the energy and so much more. Energy is fluid and ever changing as well. It takes a very skilled psychic to be able to decipher through all of this and give information that is grounded, real and in perspective. Debs has this skill set, and it has only come through developing herself through her own life challenges and learning to integrate the Spiritual energy and understanding of such. This is what makes her so relate-able, and connected to her clients. She is very down to earth and humble "I would never refer to my self an earth angel or light worker, I am more like an on the ground worker"!
5How do I differentiate between psychic advice and generalised life advice?
Life advice and generalised conversation is NOTpsychic advice from a place of higher awareness. The more accurate, specific and detailed your readings are, the more you are assured that you are getting true psychic insight. The psychic should not ask a lot of questions, or ask to be told about your situation at length, and that is the key to proving true psychic authenticity. Some psychics get a bit of psychic validation through, but beware when they go off on a tangent taking up your valuable time. They should remain specific and on point. Perspective is another important attribute,and a specialised energy reader has this ability.

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