“It is a privilege to connect with and help others”.

Please  see few of my genuine reading reviews  from my clients in New Zealand, Australia, USACanada, UK and more..
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  • Fiona O Donaghue –  Thank you so much for my Reading, I’m extremely hard to read, nobody has got it right yet but I must say you were very, very good. Anyone who has the opportunity for a full reading DO IT! Xxx
  • Karen Hodge –  Wow thank you Debra that’s spot on .. on the first post and I can keep wishing for the second Ty very much … amazing x x
  • Julie Rowe – Bless you,thank youx I have been studying,but have had no motivation for it,time to pick it back up again,u r spot on,many blessings to youx
  • Sonia Hansen Poole  -Terrific! Thank you so much I think you were right on and that was a fantastic reading. Again I want to thank you for your reading I really appreciate your time & effort. Have a blessed day & keep up the good work!;)
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  • Geca Mar –  I Respect you, Thank you for showing some light into my life. P.s You are spot on about him, I mean how u described him Xxx Bless u!
  • Sharon Leatham  – Thank-you very much for taking the time to give me this reading.I really appreciate your incredible insight as the reading was very relevant to me. I also am very happy to hear that I am not the only person in the world that says ‘Yay’. Wishing you the best in everything you do.
  • Allyson C –. thanks deb! you definitely can read me well….pretty much exact! amazing!
  • Michelle Crane –  Just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to talk to Debs. If you want an honest and accurate reading then this site is your answer. I personally can guarantee an honest and accurate reading. You are truly unique. God Bless xo ♥


  • Kate Anderson –  I really appreciate this page and your website. For those of you looking for someone to chat to about stuff. Worth talking to this one here : )
  • Maggie Gould – aah bless u thankyou so much you are spot on about fianances its been a really bad time thankyou and take care of yourself have a lovely time this xmas with your family xxx
  • Sarah Brunton  – Thank you so very much. I think you have hit the nail on the head, so to speak. We’ve had a challenging year with many extra stressors. I hope its onwards and upwards from here. I want us both to be happy. as you say, life is too short. Thank you for doing what you do, you really are an inspiration to me x
  •  Sharee Marie McCreath  –   thank you, your readings are so spot on and very helpful with  your  insight thank you heaps!!!


Message received from client requesting a repeat reading:
thanks Deb, assuming this is the guy in your reading then very very accurate, description, I only just re read your reading this morning and was gob smacked as had forgotten what you had said and so will be interesting to see what you have to say today – Lois 

I have had many readings over the years and this is the most accurate by far. Totally accurate to be precise. The first reading has all but happened, everything spot on. the second reading I received today still has time to develop and see if things happen as stated, but everything else in reading is yet again spot on. I am very impressed and will recommend to others. I will keep posted on events to come at a later date.  – Lois 


I would like to thank Deb sincerely for the reading she did for me.  I was recently talking to a cousin about physics, and I said I had had a reading from Deb and she asked if she was any good.   As she knows a great deal of my life, I read my reading to her so she could draw her own conclusions of Deb’s accuracy and she was in tears not only the accuracy of it but insight of what I was told.

“Deb’s reading was like a story of my life, answered so many questions, guided me to a better understanding of things that have puzzled me for years and for the first time in such a long time I felt validated and that made me feel so good.  I have recommended Deb to different people since my reading and would never hesitate to contact her again.

Thank You again Deb, you truly have a gift. xxx – Kathy Wheeler

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