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October 29, 2011
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October 30, 2011
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A personal Spiritual opinion…..


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As a Spiritual worker, I have made it my duty not only to myself but to my clients that I walk in the Truth, and keep things in confidence.

I will never ever tell you what to do, I will only give you the guidance that comes through from Spirit, and where practical if I personally know of some helpful resources I will offer those forward to you.  If I do not get anything, then I will tell you that too.


I believe the secret to having Spirit flow freely is to adopt the nature of “I will never know everything, I am always learning myself”.  I am only the vessel that Spirit chooses to come through.


These past couple of weeks have been interesting as I observed some Light workers on one hand preaching about seeing and spreading light, and yet behind people’s backs they were pulling them down.

It made me smile, simply because it reminded me of the days when we used to go to Church, as long as you went along each week, you were forgiven, so then you could just go back to any negative things you liked to get involved in.  Every body was so busy putting on their “Good Church Going Citizen Face”.


So now we have people putting on their “Profound Light worker Face”, yet acting another way!


It is a Spiritual trap I choose not to get involved in, as there is always a risk with the New Age wave of Spiritualism, simply becoming another religion, filled with rules, ways of doing things and  times and dates to adhere to.


My most profound Spiritual Experiences have had absolutely nothing to do with any specific timing, but then I think why they should?  There is no time in Spirit it is eternal.


Personally from what I have seen and felt spiritually about energy exchange, you spread more light simply by being kind and of assistance to others than any other way. The gratitude and love that is created by such an exchange, creates an energy frequency in itself, which therefore generates light, and uplifts those involved.



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