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September 19, 2017
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Body Mind Spirit Scanning

Spiritual, Metal, Emotional, Physical. How they relate and how we may heal.

By working directly with Spirit, Debs has developed the ability to see, feel and know energy, and read into and beyond it. Energy is very changeable, and can often be confusing, however Debs sees this in such detail, it becomes very helpful for her clients. As mentioned Debs only worlds directly with Spirit, she does not attend psychic colleges or get certified, simply because no one can teach her what she has been taught from Source. She is a Pure Intuitive. In quietly working away with Spirit, Debs is excited to have developed the ability to tune into all realms of your being and identify areas that need attention. It was by accident that Debs discovered she is a medical intuitive, which means she can see your organs and identify health issues and other areas to do with the physical body, Add to this her ability to see, feel and know energy, means that she can now incorporate this remarkable talent into your readings.
A Mind Body Spirit Scan, simply put means that Debs tunes into all the different layers of your Aura, and derives relevant information from that. Then she tunes into your physical body where she can see and feel where the frequency is not sitting as it should, this part identifies illness be it past, present or pending. This is very powerful, as early intervention is paramount. What makes this even more interesting is she can look into where this illness has come from on an energetic level, and do a reading relating to that as well. The Mind connection comes from the emotional centre and brings us to awareness of how we react and what types of things we may be thinking that hold us back, and cause energy blockages.
Please note that Debs is NOT a medical professional, however she is a supporter of both conventional and alternative medicines, and will advise you if she feels that you need to get some tests done, see a Dr, or change your diet, way of thinking etc.

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