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February 27, 2016
Always work from the heart.
March 1, 2016
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When we experience a trauma or loss, our etheric body jumps out and away from our physical body to avoid being grounded in the pain.  Our minds tend to move into protection mode.  We find ourselves going around circles, trying to reason with our feelings, analyse and work out the experience.  We are desperately trying to find comfort and healing, through rationalisation.

This is an understandable distraction from the excruciating pain of the experience, as we go to and fro in our minds to try and sort it out to move on from it.

We may blame our self or blame others, or even blame Spirit, questioning our purpose and connection.

The hardest part is when we have no answer as to why this event has happened to us, and what we have done to deserve such a thing.

However, behind these protective thoughts is where your connection to the Spiritual Realms and the Creator is found, and it is there you can find comfort and healing.

It is a place of peace, and safety, and it is found within you.

It is here where you can achieve the purest of connection, and clarity.

Release any blame, move your thoughts aside as they try to work it all out and just “feel”

Then just BE. It is the greatest gift you can give to yourself in the hardest of times, because you are being allowed a glimpse of our true home.

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