We Have the Power to Manifest a Higher Reality
October 11, 2022
February 6, 2024
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Proudly Presenting Bespoke psychic readings for USA CANADA NZ AUSTRALIA UK.

Each reading is purely unique and channelled, not linked at all to generically taught new age theories or methodologies, and Debs is your messenger. This means that each reading is uniquely yours, with personal messages, information and validation given that there is no way of Deb's prior knowledge.


There is no generic type of new age advice, or blanket kind of self help statements that could be related to anyone.

The information is received energetically and is translated by Debs, and it is specific only to you.

Debs a pure psychic, whose gift and teachings have come directly from Spirit and Higher Consciousness.

*All of Deb's gifts have always been a natural part of her and she has not had any training or teachings.

When you consider that anything learnt from another person holds that person's energetic imprint on it, and is vulnerable to that person's interpretation or opinions, you can see how the truth becomes lost in layers of translation, and how readers can limit themselves by using this information.

Also because we are all unique individuals with our own unique Soul blueprint, one size will absolutely not fit all, so generic type methodologies, and teachings are fast becoming a thing of the past as we surge towards a time of  higher Intuitive living and accessing true higher thinking, discernment and consciousness.

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