New Zealand's best phone readings by ACCURATE PSYCHIC MEDIUM, and CLAIRVOYANT

Fixed price options: $65 for 15 minutes, $85 for 20 minutes, $125 for 30 minutes or $165 for 40 minutes (including GST). Please scroll down to book.

Mediumship can be included upon request, I can also include medical intuition in readings that are 30 minutes or longer.

Email psychic readings 1 question $25 or 3 questions $50/Text message reading $65 for 15 minutes (all including GST) Please book for these

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"Debs is a true clear connection to the Divine. She's fast, accurate, compassionate, empathic, and understanding. She's now my number 1 go to when I'm feeling lost and confused. Thank you for sharing your gift with me to help me be a better person" - (see this and many other client reviews on my click4advisor on the homepage)..

No time wasted with lots of questions, Debs tunes in right away; within the first minute you are assured of a proven and genuine psychic connection.
"Throughout your reading I continually give key points of reference that the client confirms to be accurate and true. These key insights form a valuable part of my reading process and therefore establishes a pure energetic connection between myself, the client and Spirit."

Debs Sinclair

My psychic medium and clairvoyant readings are truly bespoke because all of the information is direct from Spirit.

There is no generic NEW AGE type of advice because my abilities include subconcious healing and neutral Spirituality.

You can learn more about my gifts and about how I work on this site, I am surprisingly different from the standard type of psychic.

I work using first names for the purpose of tuning into into you and your energy,.

I can also read the energy of others because I am also an EMPATH I can feel the emotions and intentions of people.