February 6, 2024
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A physical presence is not required for your psychic reading

"Pure Energy Recognition is how I see you."

"Energy is my first Language".

"I do not need to meet you in person, or a view photo of you, as this distracts me from your actual energy.

It is within your energy and your energetic connection to others, Spirit and myself that I am able to give readings of high accuracy."

Deb Sinclair

We are all energy, and this transcends through time and space to the unconscious, the subconscious and the Spiritual Realms."

"It is within your energy and these realms that the truth resides as does your highest path and the lessons therein. It is a very healing experience."

Deb Sinclair

Clients locally in NZ often request face to face or in person psychic readings from Debs, however this is not necessary because Debs is a specialist psychic energy reader.

"We are all energy, every single thing through the universe has an energy. or vibration. Not only physical matter, and all physical species, including gases, and fluids! Light is energy, and so is darkness. Energy is everywhere and everything. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions, intentions, interactions, beliefs, influences, past conditioning, or dreams.... absolutely everything is or omits an energy".

"Because Debs has a strong understanding of the higher and lower dimensions, she therefore has the ability to immerse herself (her own consciousness) energetically into other energies, and to interpret them in such a way that leaves her clients amazed, relieved, validated, and uplifted".

One of the essential abilities to accomplish Higher Psychic and Spiritual Mastery is to be blessed as a Neutral Spiritual Reader. Debs has a natural and neutral zone which is free of any religious influence, including new age theories or methodologies, cultural influences and beliefs. This allows her to see through energetic layers, deep into the Soul of people, their unique energy. This accurately allows her to read without bias or judgement. She also feels their emotions, lives and experiences what they have, which is why so many people feel a strong connection with Debs because she "really sees and knows them" through the connection formed in the reading.

"Her ability to read accurately into you and your life, and the people, situations, and locations, past, present and potential future, shows that we are all connected through a higher source, and we can all begin to achieve a much more balanced and advanced connection through this kind of awareness".

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