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November 29, 2020
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December 2, 2020
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5 Star Psychic Empath Check list

Whilst there are varyng degrees and levels of ability in readers, as valued client and human being, you have a right to receive quality, detailed and specific accuracy.

There are so many "blanket" type generic and generalised readings out there, that the message of what to be a psychic actually is, is becoming lost among all sorts of theories, rituals, and beliefs.

This checklist outlines the level of quality a reader should give. It may be that they use all or some of the attributes on this list, but none the less, regardless of if they are an angel reader, or a tarot reader, or psychic-medium, askaskic records, runes or any other modality of reading, they should present high accuracy through their gifts. Whilst no reader is 100% perfect, there are high levels of accuracy that are achieveable.

And these levels have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you say you are connected to Arch Angels or Ascended Masters. The question should be if you are connected to them, then are you also as accurate as these relams would have a reader be? Or is the reader covering up their reading for you with their leant knowledge and stories about angels, or masters or violet flames, and chords etc?

We are fast moving into an age where the need to be as specific and accurate as possible counts more than ever, but also we are at the age where we must question the authenicity of psychic readers out there. So please feel free to read the list, and the next time you have a reading, with me or any other reader, you can gauge for yourself whether it was up to what you expected.

Please click on the button to see the list, and best wishes for your reading and to the readers out there.

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