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October 6, 2011
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October 17, 2011
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Walking in Your Truth and How that opens your Crown Chakra Oct 11th 2011

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When you find the concept of your Spirituality that fits you, as the individual that you are, and you freely find this without the influence of others, this naturally opens your Crown Chakra.


Recently I had been feeling I wanted to strengthen my connection to God, and have what I would term as a more intimate connection with the Source. It also felt the other way around, as if I was being called to do this. It was like a natural next step for me considering the work Spirit have called me forth to do now.

This is what very recently happened (in my own words):


“I had an interesting experience over the last few days  of where first I thought I was under  psychic attack.

I felt uneasy, anxious and restless, and like something was blocking my connection to what people call the “Divine” or “God source”.  My connection had been so strong of late but now  it just  felt to me like I could not find the “zone” when I had been so easily walking in this zone for the past few months.  I could still tune in for other people but my own connection was fading.

So I tried all my usual protections, and still nothing.

So I used my philosophy “when in doubt, leave it out”, and “just trust Spirit Debra, they know what they are doing”. And here we go again  – “Lesson time”.

I have had many times where Spirit has challenged me somehow, (regardless of what protection other people told me to use) to simply to see if I will “get it”.

So having figured out long ago that I’m not actually crazy, I went with this.

Later on that day, I began to relax.  I started to think about the way I view things spiritually. You see I simply don’t feel comfortable with of the 2012 meditations, hype, light worker visions, 11:11 meditations etc.  Now that could make me an outcast among psychics, and those working in the metaphysical field.  I mean, just look around at all of the activity related to specific dates this year and next year.  However I acknowledged this as my truth and what felt right for me spiritually.  Because that is how it is for me.  It is my truth.

After that I could see and feel  my Crown Chakra being opened up,  and light swirling through this of different colours, pure white, then to mauves, and deep purples, light pinks and back to white.  And Spirit told me “we are opening this up more letting more light in here, your connection is being purified”.  And as that happened my Spiritual Vision became more heightened, it felt like another layer of the veil has been lifted.

I  now feel balanced and at peace, and positive I am on the right track.



Crown Chakra – The Symbol of Purity and Spirituality

crown chakra

The 7th chakra is the Crown chakra, which is also the symbol of purity and spirituality. It is considered the chakra with the highest energy. It also stands for freedom and can bring a person a sense of understanding, wisdom, and enlightenment and helps guide their spiritual growth. It is a very important Chakra, as it helps to balance all the other six chakras.
It is also connected with joy, faith, peace and beauty. It’s the chakra that is allegedly connected to spiritual astral projection where a person can leave their physical body. It also controls a person’s values, morals, and ethics. This chakra is said to be the way to harness your spiritual energy and is the gateway to a person’s higher consciousness.

It controls the body parts of the skull, cerebral cortex, skin, right brain, right eye, and their nervous, muscular and skeletal systems.
It is also associated with the color gold or yellow, although some sources list the color as white or violet.

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